#21: Natuurlijk bij Irina

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Naturally by Irina is from an agricultural area called Het Land van Heusden en Altena. Irina has a very personal approach to her customers and is always up for a chat. She speaks 4 languages.


Irina brings delicious quiches and beautiful bread to The Noordermarkt since 2014. Bread results from cooperation between a farmer, a miller and a baker. Irina lives next to the windmill. Baker Gerard Hardeman is a five-minute walk away. Can it get more local! De Oorsprong, located in Arnhem, produces awesome quiches. Some types of quiches are made especially for Irina. The ingredients for her sandwiches she obtains from her colleagues at the market.


Irina works with small entrepreneurs that operate inside of local networks. Entrepreneurs with passion for what they produce. And that shows in the product!

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